Monday, June 15, 2015

Amazon 1-Liner Review for Selected Salvos 2

Discovered on Amazon's book page for Selected Salvos 2:
A one line five star review.

Here's the concise, precise, incisive review in its entirety:

This reviewer self-identified as "TANSTAAFL" also self-identifies as
Yankee by birth.
Southerner by choice.
American by the grace of God.
Christian because I have faith.
Libertarian because I have brains.

If anyone is interested TANSTAAFL's review is down at the bottom of this page just below Mama Liberty's more traditional review:


As an aside:

I'm hoping that "insite" in TANSTAAFL's review was a typo since the various definitions of insite – a Dow Chemical trademark; a legal heroin, cocaine, and morphine drug injection site in Vancouver; numerous acronyms for numerous things – don't seem to apply to me.

Or he could have meant "incite" as commonly used in the phrase "incite to riot" which of course I would never do, although I would "incite to buy, read and enjoy my books."

But he probably meant to say "insight" which generally means having a "deep intuitive understanding" of which I may have little but will always endeavor to make you think I do anyway, by inciting you to have insights about insite.

Selected Salvos 2 is available in Paperback / ePub / iTunes / Kindle