Thursday, March 26, 2015

Serendipity: "Salvos 1" review recovered

It's never too late (I hope) to thank a reviewer for a long overlooked review. In this case the review is not a review of my current Selected Salvos 2 book but harks back a few months to my first book which I now designate Selected Salvos 1, published in January 2014.

Unbeknownst to me until I uncovered it by accident recently (that's serendipity) this particular review, produced by an Amazon customer known only as "Fundamentalist" has herewith been exhumed from Oblivion and introduced to only slightly less Oblivionhood on libertarian social media.

Along with his review of an 1800-Watt Convection Toaster Oven with Element IQ, a Sunbeam Heating Pad with UltraHeat Technology, and "The Secret of Oz" of which he says "This is the best film that I have seen about the fiat money system," Fundamentalist (who actually bought the book!) bestowed five out of five five-pointed stars upon a thin little book named Selected Salvos from the Loose Cannon Libertarian.

Here is Fundamentalist's full Amazonian review in all its fundamental and serendipitous glory:

You too can dip your slapstick dipstick into serendipitous drollery:

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Friday, March 20, 2015


Another Author Interview for Selected Salvos 2 from the Loose Cannon Libertarian hit the pixels at Book Blogs on Net Galley March 4, 2015!

Still playing catchup with reviews and interviews:

This interview was conducted by Book Blogs member and Goodreads Creative Writer, Poet, Author, Interviewer, Journalist and Epistemologist Justin Bienvenue.

It's a ten question query that gets a bit deeper into the nits and grits of writing libertarianism in a humorous style without losing the seriosity of the subject matter.

Here's the opening Q&A:

1. What can you tell us about your novel, Selected Salvos 2 from the Loose Cannon Libertarian?
It's not a novel, it's a very small nonfiction collection of journalistic articles I wrote back when I was writing as a "libertarian humorist" in a style I called "Fun&Freedom" where freedom is always the message but fun is always the method. I had realized that nearly everything I had been reading about libertarianism was deadly serious so I set out to change that. These 20 short articles (approx. 750 words each) first appeared on my own website "The Loose Cannon Libertarian" In 2002 and 2003.


Read the entire "Interview with Garry Reed" at Book Blogs on Net Galley. Then cruise on over to one of the links below and Buy the book,  read the book, enjoy the book, review the book, post the book review and do your own interview with me. 
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Sunday, March 15, 2015

"More Selected Salvos" book review

"Selected Salvos 2 is the second Fun&Freedom Book by Garry Reed, the self-proclaimed Loose Cannon Libertarian. One reviewer said his writing bordered on H.L. Mencken and Groucho Marx. My opinion is that it's more akin to an edgy and irreverent hybridization of Harry Browne and P.J. O'Rourke." – Brian Irving, Raleigh Libertarian Examiner

More Selected Salvos from the Loose Cannon Libertarian

Brian Irving writes as the Raleigh Libertarian Examiner, is a freelance journalist, a libertarian activist and a member of the Libertarian Party of North Carolina Executive Committee.

While other reviewers have used a book cover or the author's photo to adorn their reviews Brian illustrated his Examiner critique with the vid cover and link to the Selected Salvos Volley 2 YouTube video, my Book Promo trailer. Which is great since it was so much fun to make and so few people have seen it.

The quote above is his opening salvo in Brian's Examiner article, More Selected Salvos from the Loose Cannon Libertarian in which he graciously awards my efforts 4 out of 5 stars.

He also mentions my first Selected Salvos book which he accurately identifies as an anthology of "essays, opinion pieces, rantings and assorted writings."

To find out for yourself how "Reed certainly can turn a phrase" read Brian's entire review at Raleigh Libertarian Examiner

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Tessa Dick Book Review: "Humor, Libertarian Style"

I'm honored that Tessa Dick reviewed my Selected Salvos 2. Not only is she the San Bernardino County Libertarian Examiner and the San Bernardino Book Reviewer Examiner (where her review appears) but If you haven't already guessed she is the former wife of Hugo Award winning science fiction author Philip K. Dick of Bladerunner and Total Recall fame and a prolific and accomplished writer in her own right.

I supplied her a photo and various links which she included with her review.

"Your photo was too small for Examiner," Tessa complained to me, "so I had to make it huge and grainy." (I often feel grainy but never big-headed) "They really should not do that to us – small images are okay, aren't they?"

Under a headline of "Humor, Libertarian Style" and a four-out-of-five star rating this is her review:

Selected Salvos 2, from the Loose Cannon Libertarian, by Garry Reed

Garry Reed's Libertarian is a collection of humorous essays on the subject of "Playboynomics," a sort of economics centered on sex. You will find them funny, no matter what political philosophy you embrace. Reed covers topics ranging from government funding for studies of sexual arousal to tax increases justified by global warming, and then back to another study of sex funded by government money, which is, of course, your tax money. This is the second in a series of books about "fun and freedom."

The humor is tongue-in-cheek, and you will find yourself more than a little bit angered at some of the ways in which government first squeezes money out of you and then wastes it on frivolous projects. Do the covers of Playboy magazine really reflect the economic conditions? Who cares, and why did the government fund that study? He covers the ban on smoking cigarettes, the uproar over TV violence, the war on obesity and more.

The author began his career in the technical writing trades, from an electromechanical drafter, technical illustrator/writer to logistics support analyst and supportability engineer. In 2001 he began to re-enter the libertarian activist realm by having his first five letters-to-the-editor published in the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram and Dallas Morning News. He has written over 1,000 online feature articles between the Dallas Libertarian Examiner and Libertarian News for

Reed can be found at: Libertarian News Examiner
and Dallas Libertarian Examiner

His "promise/threat, as always, is 'If you keep reading I'll keep writing.'"

Buy, browse and brag on or beat up the book with your best beliefs here:

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Hooligan Libertarian reviews Salvos 2

Known to some as DullHawk, to many as Hooligan Libertarian, to others as creator of the "Time's Up" flag and to Texas - New Mexico Line news readers as a regular contributor to the Clovis News Journal onetime fellow Examiner and current fellow blogger, columnist and writer Kent McManigal let me know that he recently wrote a review of Selected Salvos 2

"I liked the book a lot. And I love the attitude you displayed in the writing," he confessed.

Here's Kent's full review from his Hooligan Libertarian Blog in his own uncompromising "no-holds-barred liberty advocacy" style: 
Sunday, March 08, 2015

Garry Reed's "Selected Salvos 2"

I recently finished reading Garry Reed's latest little collection, "Selected Salvos 2 from the Loose Cannon Libertarian."

It was a lot of fun!

It is also a reminder of how little the State and all the associated problems have changed in the decade-plus since most of these essays were written. Most could have been written today, rather than in the dawning years of the 2000s. Sure, the names of some of the individual thugs have changed, but the stories are so familiar.

I like his "Fun & Freedom" approach, and loved the sense of humor he exhibits in exposing these statist imbeciles and their ridiculous behavior. Instead of letting them get him down, he points and laughs.

It is a pretty short book, but was just what I needed while sitting in doctors' waiting rooms and such, recently. I can recommend the book without reservation. 
Buy, browse and brag on or beat up the book with your best beliefs here: 

Selected Salvos 2 is available in Paperback / ePub / iTunes / Kindle

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Thursday, March 5, 2015


I've been remiss in not posting this, my first ever interview for Selected Salvos 2, back in February 18. The questions were posed and answers posted at Indie Author Tactics by Vincent Lowry.

I originally challenged Vincent with this post:

Anyone who thinks it isn't possible for discussions of libertarian political, social and cultural issues to be both informative and fun, both serious and satirical, both meaningful and mirthful hasn't read Volley 2 in my "Fun&Freedom" libertarian book series.

The Q&A – 5 Qs and 5 As

1) What is your name and bio? – I'm Garry Reed, born in Nebraska but have traveled coast to coast and border to border as a freelance contract technical writer. I'm now settled in Dallas/Ft. Worth with my lovely wife where I've been writing paper and online libertarian news and commentary since 2001.

2) What is your book title, synopsis, and where can readers find it? – After publishing "Selected Salvos from the Loose Cannon Libertarian" in 2014 I've just released "Selected Salvos 2" which is more of the same – a collection of 20 short articles from my website archives that deal with a wide range of political, social and cultural issues from a libertarian viewpoint. What makes my books different from virtually every other libertarian book on the market is that I write in my own unique "Fun&Freedom" style where freedom is always the message but fun is always the method. Reviewers have called my style "stimulating, amusing and engaging" and "bordering H.L. Mencken and Groucho Marx." Not your typical libertarian pontificating! Readers can download a PDF from my link below if they promise to read and review it.

3) Where do you come up with your ideas? – Everywhere. I'm constantly reading a widely eclectic array of websites, news sources, personal blog commentaries and social media online and virtually everything suggests a response from my libertarian worldview. I'm currently posting my articles on my national site "Libertarian News Examiner" and my local "Dallas LibertarianExaminer."

4) What books/authors do you like to read? – Again, nearly everything. I grew up on Mad magazine and Science Fiction (Robert A. Heinlein and his contemporaries), read everything Ayn Rand ever wrote before branching out into the wider libertarian world but also read history, biography, mystery, adventure, travel, modern and classical novels, nonfiction, more satire (Douglas Adams) and will read whatever grabs my interest next.

5) What's your next writing project? – As an online journalist I closely followed and reported on a group of courageous, determined libertarian rights activists called "Tyranny Fighters" who attempted to educate people about their jury rights in the face of hostile establishment opposition who harassed, arrested, jailed and prosecuted them for simply speaking the truth in America. I chronicled their efforts as they happened in some 70 news articles and commentaries and am organizing them into a book.

If you care it's located on GoodReads here:

Buy the book here, read, and leave a review:

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