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I've been remiss in not posting this, my first ever interview for Selected Salvos 2, back in February 18. The questions were posed and answers posted at Indie Author Tactics by Vincent Lowry.

I originally challenged Vincent with this post:

Anyone who thinks it isn't possible for discussions of libertarian political, social and cultural issues to be both informative and fun, both serious and satirical, both meaningful and mirthful hasn't read Volley 2 in my "Fun&Freedom" libertarian book series.

The Q&A – 5 Qs and 5 As

1) What is your name and bio? – I'm Garry Reed, born in Nebraska but have traveled coast to coast and border to border as a freelance contract technical writer. I'm now settled in Dallas/Ft. Worth with my lovely wife where I've been writing paper and online libertarian news and commentary since 2001.

2) What is your book title, synopsis, and where can readers find it? – After publishing "Selected Salvos from the Loose Cannon Libertarian" in 2014 I've just released "Selected Salvos 2" which is more of the same – a collection of 20 short articles from my website archives that deal with a wide range of political, social and cultural issues from a libertarian viewpoint. What makes my books different from virtually every other libertarian book on the market is that I write in my own unique "Fun&Freedom" style where freedom is always the message but fun is always the method. Reviewers have called my style "stimulating, amusing and engaging" and "bordering H.L. Mencken and Groucho Marx." Not your typical libertarian pontificating! Readers can download a PDF from my link below if they promise to read and review it.

3) Where do you come up with your ideas? – Everywhere. I'm constantly reading a widely eclectic array of websites, news sources, personal blog commentaries and social media online and virtually everything suggests a response from my libertarian worldview. I'm currently posting my articles on my national site "Libertarian News Examiner" and my local "Dallas LibertarianExaminer."

4) What books/authors do you like to read? – Again, nearly everything. I grew up on Mad magazine and Science Fiction (Robert A. Heinlein and his contemporaries), read everything Ayn Rand ever wrote before branching out into the wider libertarian world but also read history, biography, mystery, adventure, travel, modern and classical novels, nonfiction, more satire (Douglas Adams) and will read whatever grabs my interest next.

5) What's your next writing project? – As an online journalist I closely followed and reported on a group of courageous, determined libertarian rights activists called "Tyranny Fighters" who attempted to educate people about their jury rights in the face of hostile establishment opposition who harassed, arrested, jailed and prosecuted them for simply speaking the truth in America. I chronicled their efforts as they happened in some 70 news articles and commentaries and am organizing them into a book.

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