Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Fantastic Collection of Libertarian Articles!!

An Amazon Customer Reviewer named "Fundamentalist" strikes again. Back on March 26 I reported how I unexpectedly stumbled upon this reader's review of my first book, Selected Salvos from the Loose Cannon Libertarian. Following his link to his "Activity" page I found his entire write-up tucked in amongst reviews of a toaster oven, a heating pad and a video.

This time his review of the Kindle Edition of Salvos 2 ranks right up there with his Five Star Review of my first Salvos book.

Fundamentalist is, of course, a pseudonym for our anonymous reviewer. "I picked the name since I am a Christian and because it sounds funny," he confided once I was able to track him down. If he thought "Fundamentalist" was funny I offered to publish his real name along with my own funny description of Fundamentalist:

"How do you help an insolvent mind reader?" "Fund a mentalist." He responded with "Puleeeeze do not use my name. Let’s just stick with Fundamentalist (or whatever permutation of it that sounds good)."

Or sounds like a horrible pun?

Read both of his Salvo reviews on Amazon and then check these out:

Selected Salvos 2 is available in Paperback / ePub / iTunes / Kindle

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Blue Collar Economist reviews Playboynomics in Salvos 2

Who/What is the Blue Collar Economist? "Whether it’s minimum wage, price gouging, welfare, inflation or deflation, the Blue Collar Economist will dispel the myths. Changing one’s ideology to fit the truth is more honest than changing the truth to fit the ideology." – Robert A. McKeown, The Blue Collar Economist

After reviewing Selected Salvos 1 a year ago Robert was kind enough to take a second shot at the second Salvo.

From his review: "One of my favorite articles is, 'Uncle Shazam and His Magical Logic' where the reader finds example after example where the rubber hits the road in the school of Playboynomics. What is Magical Logic, you might ask? It’s a mental impairment of the governmentally afflicted. I believe 'governmentally afflicted' ought to be the next viral term on social media."

Read the entire review from Robert!

And then listen to Robert who recently appeared with Joe Cristiano on BlogTalk Radio at this link!
Selected Salvos 2 is available in Paperback / ePub / iTunes / Kindle

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Dallas LP Newsletter interviews Selected Salvos 2 Author

Curry B. Taylor, Vice-Chair of the Libertarian Party of Dallas County and Editor-In-Chief Extraordinaire of the LPDC Newsletter cross-examined a suspicious character purporting to be some sort of sassy essayist.

Following a faux introduction in the April 2015 edition awash with insider snortles (snickers + chortles) Taylor introduced the Selected Salvos 2 author with an obvious attempt to either Curry favor or flavor with Curry: "Garry Reed does have a smashing new book out, and I picked his prolific brain about it in this interview."

Slim pickings.

A sample Q&A:

Taylor: Sex sells. Are your "Playboynomics"-themed chapters in the book a thinly-veiled attempt at appealing to the hedonist in all of us, or is there a much larger and deeper hidden agenda?

Reed: I'm compiling articles 20 per book and I realized I had these two Playboy themed articles written close to the same time so I decided to make "Playboynomics" the theme for this edition which also covers several of the other economically-themed articles. Besides, sex sells.

Mind your Ps and Qs while you read all of the Qs and As in this PDF edition of the LPDC Newsletter: CANON FROM A LOOSE LIBERTARIAN: AN INTERVIEW:

Selected Salvos 2 is available in Paperback / ePub / iTunes / Kindle

Thursday, April 9, 2015

MAMA LIBERTY reviews Salvos 2 AND its author

Susan Callaway, known to many libertarians as weblogger "The Price of Liberty" and affectionately to many others as "Mama Liberty" wrote a review and posted it several places on Amazon and on Barnes&Nobel, B&N Nook Books and her own website "The Price of Liberty."

Photo: Susan "Mama Liberty" Callaway: Wyoming woman with website and weaponry.

As Mama puts it, she and I have "talked a lot about most aspects of freedom and politics, not always in agreement by a long shot" but does note that these formative-era articles and the introductory material by the author in his latest book Selected Salvos 2 "describe the journey from Libertarian political apologist to the voluntarist he has become."

The best part is, of course, is when she says stuff like "this journey is taken with wit, much terrific insight into humanity, and an unbelievable number of plain old belly laughs."

Read her double review (of the book and its author) on her own place on the Internet – "The Price of Liberty" and then learn more about the book at these places: 

Selected Salvos 2 is available in Paperback / ePub / iTunes / Kindle

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Read one SALVO article FREE!

Selected Salvos 2 is now WAS on BookDaily and it includes One FREE Article from the book!

BookDaily encourages authors to post excerpts of their books for readers to read free. They suggest posting an entire chapter, but since my book is only 74 pages long and consists of 20 articles that average 750 words each that means every article is a chapter in itself. And since each article is so short you get to read one whole article gratis.

So I've decided to give you the opening salvo. It set's up the "Playboynomics" meme of the book, which really isn't entirely about Playboynomics or even entirely about economics but once you think about it nearly everything in life has an economic component to it. As Mises pointed out, economics is just Human Action.



Can't afford cumquats for your cumquat soup? Getting haircuts every other month to save a few bucks? Still driving that 1988 Yugo because a down payment for something better is out of your reach? Northwestern University psychology Professor Michael Bailey appreciates your sacrifices. He's using your tax money to pay women $75 a pop to find out, as the New York Post puts it, "what types of audiovisual erotica women find sexually arousing."

(It's "audiovisual erotica" when it's taxpayer funded. If you and I pay our own money to watch it, it's "porno." And don't forget that tax money funds research on "sexual arousal." Without tax money, it's just plain old civil society "horniness.")


Unfortunately my excerpt has disappeared from BookDaily. They must have stamped it with a Sell By Date I didn't know about. Fortunately all is not lost. You can still read the excerpt/full article here:

Thanks anyway BookDaily.


BookDaily finally responded after two weeks. The Selected Salvos 2 page is now back in its accustomed place with the first full article available for your reading pleasure:

Selected Salvos 2 is available in Paperback / ePub / iTunes / Kindle