Thursday, April 16, 2015

Blue Collar Economist reviews Playboynomics in Salvos 2

Who/What is the Blue Collar Economist? "Whether it’s minimum wage, price gouging, welfare, inflation or deflation, the Blue Collar Economist will dispel the myths. Changing one’s ideology to fit the truth is more honest than changing the truth to fit the ideology." – Robert A. McKeown, The Blue Collar Economist

After reviewing Selected Salvos 1 a year ago Robert was kind enough to take a second shot at the second Salvo.

From his review: "One of my favorite articles is, 'Uncle Shazam and His Magical Logic' where the reader finds example after example where the rubber hits the road in the school of Playboynomics. What is Magical Logic, you might ask? It’s a mental impairment of the governmentally afflicted. I believe 'governmentally afflicted' ought to be the next viral term on social media."

Read the entire review from Robert!

And then listen to Robert who recently appeared with Joe Cristiano on BlogTalk Radio at this link!
Selected Salvos 2 is available in Paperback / ePub / iTunes / Kindle

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