Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Fantastic Collection of Libertarian Articles!!

An Amazon Customer Reviewer named "Fundamentalist" strikes again. Back on March 26 I reported how I unexpectedly stumbled upon this reader's review of my first book, Selected Salvos from the Loose Cannon Libertarian. Following his link to his "Activity" page I found his entire write-up tucked in amongst reviews of a toaster oven, a heating pad and a video.

This time his review of the Kindle Edition of Salvos 2 ranks right up there with his Five Star Review of my first Salvos book.

Fundamentalist is, of course, a pseudonym for our anonymous reviewer. "I picked the name since I am a Christian and because it sounds funny," he confided once I was able to track him down. If he thought "Fundamentalist" was funny I offered to publish his real name along with my own funny description of Fundamentalist:

"How do you help an insolvent mind reader?" "Fund a mentalist." He responded with "Puleeeeze do not use my name. Let’s just stick with Fundamentalist (or whatever permutation of it that sounds good)."

Or sounds like a horrible pun?

Read both of his Salvo reviews on Amazon and then check these out:

Selected Salvos 2 is available in Paperback / ePub / iTunes / Kindle

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