Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Free McDuck Capitalism article from Salvos 1

After my Selected Salvos 2 book and free excerpt was posted at, disappeared from, and reappeared on BookDaily the good folks there invited me to post up a free excerpt from my first book, Selected Salvos 1, as I'd already done for Selected Salvos 2.

So once again I've offered up the leadoff article, this one being "Scrooge McDuck Capitalism." Two things about this article:

1. Back when I wrote it in 2002 whenever I said "capitalism" I always had in mind "The Laissez-Faire Free Market" definition of that word. Since then I've discovered that in many people's minds "capitalism" means "Corporatism" or "Government-Corporatist-Bankster-Masonic-Bilderberger-Iluminatti-One World Space Alien Conspiracy" which as a libertarian I utterly reject. These days I eschew the term "capitalism" altogether and just say "free market."

2. In 2004 I received this email:

"I’m a high school economics teacher.  Your essay [Scrooge McDuck Capitalism] will be both interesting and valuable to my students.  I am printing a class set."

Here's a teaser for the article. Please visit BookDaily to read the entire excerpt:

Scrooge McDuck Capitalism

I learned about capitalism long before I'd ever heard of "the free market" or "libertarianism." I learned everything I ever needed to know in my youth, with my head burrowed deep under the bedcovers, reading Scrooge McDuck comic books by flashlight.

Read the entire "Sample Chapter" here:

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