Monday, May 18, 2015

Amazon Reviewer channels Salvos 2 as "Applied Libertarianism"

Maria Folsom has been a longtime loyal reader and a friend even though we've never met – she lives in Montana and I reside in Texas. But she recently downloaded Selected Salvos 2 and read it aloud to her husband as she loves to do with my Examiner articles. Then she was kind enough to file this review on Amazon. Thanks Maria!

 The book is too short. That's my only complaint. Mr. Reed's style is what I call "applied libertarianism." Not just dry explanations of how the world works or should work - you can read plenty of those books by other legendary authors - but these are situations and anecdotes that we all relate to. Anyone with absolutely no formal knowledge of economics or libertarian philosophy can understand this book. Anyone who's waited on line at DMV, battled with IRS, or wandered through a maze of bureaucratic paperwork will relate to his message. That is what Mr. Reed does best - relates real-life challenges to You, the Reader, with delicious sarcasm, humor, and hard fact. This is not just a screed or a rant; every chapter has a suggestion. Beneath the wit and sardonic style Mr. Reed always offers a True Way. All is not hopeless!

Tip: read this book aloud if you can. It channels Mr. Reed and emphasizes all his masterful use of humor.

Her review, for the curious and those needing proof, is posted here:

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