Thursday, March 12, 2015

Tessa Dick Book Review: "Humor, Libertarian Style"

I'm honored that Tessa Dick reviewed my Selected Salvos 2. Not only is she the San Bernardino County Libertarian Examiner and the San Bernardino Book Reviewer Examiner (where her review appears) but If you haven't already guessed she is the former wife of Hugo Award winning science fiction author Philip K. Dick of Bladerunner and Total Recall fame and a prolific and accomplished writer in her own right.

I supplied her a photo and various links which she included with her review.

"Your photo was too small for Examiner," Tessa complained to me, "so I had to make it huge and grainy." (I often feel grainy but never big-headed) "They really should not do that to us – small images are okay, aren't they?"

Under a headline of "Humor, Libertarian Style" and a four-out-of-five star rating this is her review:

Selected Salvos 2, from the Loose Cannon Libertarian, by Garry Reed

Garry Reed's Libertarian is a collection of humorous essays on the subject of "Playboynomics," a sort of economics centered on sex. You will find them funny, no matter what political philosophy you embrace. Reed covers topics ranging from government funding for studies of sexual arousal to tax increases justified by global warming, and then back to another study of sex funded by government money, which is, of course, your tax money. This is the second in a series of books about "fun and freedom."

The humor is tongue-in-cheek, and you will find yourself more than a little bit angered at some of the ways in which government first squeezes money out of you and then wastes it on frivolous projects. Do the covers of Playboy magazine really reflect the economic conditions? Who cares, and why did the government fund that study? He covers the ban on smoking cigarettes, the uproar over TV violence, the war on obesity and more.

The author began his career in the technical writing trades, from an electromechanical drafter, technical illustrator/writer to logistics support analyst and supportability engineer. In 2001 he began to re-enter the libertarian activist realm by having his first five letters-to-the-editor published in the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram and Dallas Morning News. He has written over 1,000 online feature articles between the Dallas Libertarian Examiner and Libertarian News for

Reed can be found at: Libertarian News Examiner
and Dallas Libertarian Examiner

His "promise/threat, as always, is 'If you keep reading I'll keep writing.'"

Buy, browse and brag on or beat up the book with your best beliefs here:

Selected Salvos 2 is available in Paperback / ePub / iTunes / Kindle

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