Tuesday, February 25, 2014

First Big Book Review

Fellow North Texan Andrew Curtiss who serves as the Fort Worth Libertarian Examiner gave me a full-blown workup which isn't so much a "book review" as a "book – News Release – Profile – Publisher's page – video – review of an earlier review review."

It's all here at examiner.com:

Here are some of his comments that caught my ego – er, eye:

"Much to my pleasure I found his work well worth the time and worthy of sharing."
"Mr. Reed is a fun and interesting man who truly believes in the Libertarian view."
"Garry’s writing style is witty, intelligent and entertaining. Mr. Reed has the ability to address some very serious issues, yet not weigh one down with the gravity of the matters at hand."

"Perhaps most interesting to this writer is the Libertarian definition that Mr. Reed subscribes to. His depth into the contemplation of What is Libertarianism to be can be applauded."

"...the quality of writing and depth of the content are consistent throughout."

"As a reader you can expect a wide gamut of subjects from Scrooge McDuck Capitalism to Politically Correct Barbie Dolls. All of the content is articulate, candid and on point."

"Mr. Reed has a fun style and breathes new life into the subject of Libertarian politics and philosophy. There is no doubt that anyone who picks up this book will enjoy the reading regardless of political views.

"This is a short and easy read aimed at any reading level. Once again, it is the depth of the content that allows for so many viewpoints and education levels to benefit from this."

Thanks, Andrew, I can live with that!

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