Wednesday, February 26, 2014

First Amazon Review

Not to be overlooked in the rush to create this blogspot, longtime friend and reader Susan "Mama Liberty" Callaway was the first to post a review of my Selected Salvos anywhere ... on my Amazon Books page.

Here's her full Five Star Review:

By MamaLiberty on February 23, 2014
I've known Garry Reed for many years, and have read most of his fine articles over that time. He has a clear and direct style, along with a wicked sense of humor, and that makes his material both informative and entertaining. I'm delighted to see that he's published the best of his articles and essays this way, and hope everyone who cares about liberty and justice will buy it for themselves and as gifts for friends.

Congratulations, Garry.

Notice that dear Mama didn't actually say that she had bought and read the book (yet), just that she has read my stuff many times over the years.

For people new to the Modern American Libertarian Movement Mama Liberty is the longtime Owner/publisher of The Price of Liberty.

Long Love Mama Liberty!

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