Sunday, March 9, 2014

Free Press Releases

Well well, one of the sassy smart-assy press releases I wrote and began posting on all of the free PR websites around the net finally showed up online. You can read the whole thing here:

All of these freebie sites are questionable. One never knows exactly to whom the releases are released or how many would-be interested eyeballs actually end up rolling around on them (or rolling up into the reader's skulls) but at least the price is right.

This one posted on PRLog's own website not only includes my logo-photo as shown above but also photos of my paperback front cover and eBook promo graphic and also, surprisingly, an actual toe-tapping-along-with working model of my YouTube promotional video.

So nice job PRLog! If this effort ever generates any income I'll use it to buy PRLog's cheapest pay-for-promo package and send it out again to even more victims - er, targets. And if that works I'll go back and buy their next level deal. And so on.

This whole project is a bootstrap operation you see.

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