Friday, March 14, 2014


As related previously I've been bootstrapping my self-promotionalism by using free online press releases to get the word out about my Selected Salvos book.

While all of these services promise great things for great (to me) amounts of money and not much for zero bucks became the first one to get my press release posted in Google's news aggregator.

I've been using Google News, both coming and going, for several years now since I began writing for

The "coming" part meant subscribing to Google Alerts (free of course) using the keyword "libertarian" for a search query. Once a day after searching the world for articles containing that word Google dumps a list of links into my inbox. This not only lets me know what's going on in the greater libertariansphere but very often, since I'm always looking for ideas to write about, one of these articles acts as a catalyst for an article of my own.

The "going" part takes place when the article I post with Examiner meets Google's definition of "newsworthy." Then the Google aggregator finds it, picks it up and spreads it afar as Google News. This allows my articles to reach out beyond immediate "preaching to the choir" boundaries.

On March 12 this listing popped up in my daily download of Google News Alerts along with other articles:

Now ... if only any of this would eventually result in a few book sales, or a book review, or a request for an interview...

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