Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Baker's Dozen of Booksellers

You can now buy SelectedSalvos from the Loose Cannon Libertarian, some in paperback, some in ePub, some in either/or, from any one of these 13 online bookstores.

But shop around because prices vary significantly.

You can buy a paperback copy for as high as $17.99 from Bookworld unless you join free and become a Citizen, in which case you'll save a whole buck. (But these are Australian dollars so check your exchange rates if you're not a Down Under native).

Downloading an ebook will set you back $3.55 at the DEA Store.

So here are your best prices:

Paperback: Lulu $6.00 (and remember that virtually all physical books add tax and/or shipping and/or "handling" charges but this is the lowest price in US$ for  these 13 sellers.

ebook: Only 1,99 Euros from Republic of Ireland iTunes with required iOS devices or $1.99 from Barnes&Noble Nook books.

So no more excuses. Get out there and buy! Read! Enjoy!

Also available in Euros, (€) Austrailian dollars (AU$), Swedish Krona (Kr), and South African Rands (R).

And one more thing ...

Amazon says I have one used paperback in "Very Good condition! Huge seller with millions of transactions! Satisfaction Guaranteed!" and sells for $41.20 + $3.99 shipping.

Do not believe them. Since this is a self-written, self-designed, self-published and self-promoted book it is also my very own self-autographed copy and I won't part with it!

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