Monday, April 21, 2014

Dallas Libertarians publish my self-interview

The Libertarian Party of Dallas County Newsletter publisher Curry Taylor included a banned article in its April 2014 issue.

I originally wrote it for my "Dallas Libertarian Examiner" column but never posted it because a similar article about my Selected Salvos book launch that I actually published in my companion site "Libertarian News Examiner" was promptly "unpublished" by the staff of for being guilty of "self-promotion."

Note that I didn't say that either article had been censored.

Examiner is a privately owned online media site and they have the right to impose and enforce any rules they choose, just as I have a right not to write for them if I choose.

You can read Dallas-Area Libertarian Launches 'Fun&Freedom' Book by Garry Reed by following the embedded link. It comes with photos, a separate article by me, and eight pages of excellent libertarian articles by other contributors, all put together in a professionally designed package by Curry Taylor.

(NOTE: The opening article by me is on a local subject. My self interview is located at the end of the newsletter.)

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