Thursday, November 6, 2014


Now that the big distraction of the intramural hissy-fit position-jockeying power-grabbing squabble between the two big Republican and Democrat factions within the One Big Ruling Class Political Party is over ...

It's finally time for me to correct a really dumb oversight – making Selected Salvos available on Kindle Books via Amazon. I've priced the thing at 99¢ because I want people to buy it, read it, enjoy it, recommend it, write reviews about it and interview me for their blogs and websites

My long range plan is to make this Book One in a series of several mini-books like this one (70-100 pages or so) under the name "A Fun&Freedom Book."

I've already figured that with all of my archive articles I can churn out around ten of these little booklets, which would make a nice little shelf for me if for no one else. I'd just like to bring in enough money with each edition to offset the costs of publicizing the next one.

Ten of these tiny tomes? Yes, you can take that either as a promise or a threat.

Kindle and paperback editions are here: 
Follow the Kindle Edition to download that version 
Follow the Paperback Edition to read reviews and buy

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