Sunday, July 13, 2014

My quotes come tumbling out of tumblr

Just found a whole bunch of quotes from my Examiner articles on tumblr, all but one posted by a "timlebsack" who I take to be Dallas Libertarian Tim Lebsack who comments on my Dallas Libertarian Examiner articles from time to time.

The one exception is a post by Robert A. McKeown of The Blue Collar Economist who posted a teaser and link to "Salvos of Fun & Freedom," the title of his review of my book Selected Salvos from the Loose Cannon Libertarian.

Thanks guys!


I'll send you one FREE proof copy in pdf format of my SELECTED SALVOS FROM THE LOOSE CANNON LIBERTARIAN eBook if you will write a review of it or interview me about it and send me the link to where you posted it online! All the details here:

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