Sunday, June 29, 2014

Kudos from The Libertarian Liquidationist

The Libertarian Liquidationist, in an article written by Hank (Henry Moore) titled "Kudos to The Blue Collar Economist," discovered both the review of my Selected Salvos book written by Robert A. McKeown at The Blue Collar Economist titled Salvos of Fun and Freedom and the article published by me in Libertarian News Examiner that featured McKeown and his blog that I titled "The Blue Collar Economist: Libertarian economics for the rest of us."

Got all that? 

In his article Hank quotes from McKeon's review which includes some of McKeon's quotes of my quotes and then goes on to quote directly from my article that features McKeon's blog.

Got all that too?

Nothing like libertarian writers/bloggers/economists cross-pollinating one another for the benefit of fertilizing minds with the seeds of freedom!

In his article Hank goes on to chastise me, albeit gently, with "Still, we must be very careful to separate libertarianism, the ideology, from economics that usually fits well with libertarian ideas" and "there really is no such thing as 'libertarian economics.'"

And he's right, of course. I was using shorthand terms like "libertarian economics" and "government economics" to quickly and easily distinguish between the economics of coercion vice the economics of freedom.

Being a self-admitted economic ignoramus I find this to be an easy and effective rule of thumb. 

If you're curious, as I was, about the definitions of "Libertarian" and especially "Liquidationist" as used by these folks you can find the answers at their Theory Page. All too economysterious for this self-admitted libertarian economic ignoramus.

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  1. I appreciate this write-up very much, Garry.

    I think using shorthand like that is effective and that matters much more to most people than getting bogged down in all the technical details (of which I am anything but an expert myself). One doesn't have to be well-versed in economics at all to know that statism doesn't work, or that freedom does work, so consider it more of a clarification for my own readers than a chastisement.