Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Another Book Review! Woohoo!

David Lloyd Sutton, also known as the Sacramento Libertarian Examiner, wrote the following book review for the San Francisco Book Review.

Selected Salvos for the Loose Cannon Libertarian

by David Lloyd Sutton, for the San Francisco Book Review

Buy My Book! Read My Book! It's Small! It's Fun! It's Cheap!” So reads Garry Reed’s online advertising for this deliciously irreverent collection.

He begins by defining and illustrating capitalism. Invoking Ludwig Von Mises? No, he invokes Scrooge McDuck. I think he made the best possible choice. Then he drifts into Government Chaos, detailing the runaway abuses of eminent domain and asset forfeiture. He explores the nanny state and political correctness with an essay on the future. Be very afraid.

Dropping his cannon balls on even more feet, Reed proceeds to a pithy and pointed examination of how “faith-based” stuff is a violation of the tenth amendment. Not content with that crop of crushed pinkies, he goes after the essence of Libertarianism, wanders into international non-interventionism, bombards jury nullification and the drug war.

Mr. Reed is a rather traditional Libertarian, espousing the stuffing of runaway government and imperialism back into the constitutional bottle. Some of his advocacy may appear a tad naive, with a tidal wave of poverty-stricken immigrants awaiting his open borders. With welfare systems undissolved, that idea would be disastrous without preparation.

Salvos is stimulating, amusing, and engaging. Every thinking person should buy and read it.

"I gave this 5 stars," Sutton told me in an email. 

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